Meet The Statehouse Executive Chef, Pedro Caldera Herrera
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Meet Our Executive Chef, Pedro Caldera Herrera

Meet Executive Chef, Pedro Caldera Herrera

Pedro’s Tasteful Journey

Pedro Caldera Herrera has been with The Statehouse for over 5 years. Starting as a sous chef and working his way through the ranks, Pedro considers himself self-taught, and finds creativity and inspiration from the constant energy of restaurant kitchens, guests, and other talented culinary professionals around him.   

Originally from Mexico, CD, Juarez Chihuahua, Pedro immigrated to the United States in 1997 and worked diligently to familiarize himself with the language and culture of his new country. Pedro credits his success to immersing himself in the culinary industry and seizing opportunities to learn from experienced chefs from the Midwest to the West Coast. Most notably, he spent time in Chicago, and then migrated West where he developed a deep passion for Italian cuisine. He found himself working in trattorias across California honing his skills in Italian cooking and pasta-making. He loves the flavors of the region, as well as manipulating the ingredients to create raviolis, gnocchi, and other pastas.  

Prior to joining The Statehouse, Pedro spent time at Madison favorites Francesca’s and 1847 at The Stamm House. He studied under talented chefs and observed their calculated manners, knowing he wanted to emulate their styles and grow into a more seasoned culinary professional. Pedro says he thrives off the pressure, energy, and high demands of a busy kitchen.  

Culinary Inspirations & Aspirations

But it all points back to family for Pedro. He remembers seeing his mom and aunts gather for special occasions, often centered around preparing big meals for his family members to enjoy. He began his culinary career during his first year of high school as a busboy to help assist his family with financial support. He utilized this opportunity to familiarize himself with the kitchen’s inner workings, ultimately leading to his first position as a cook.  

Pedro says although his path to becoming an Executive Chef has not been without sacrifice, they have been the best years of his life. He identifies with many other individuals who have immigrated to the United States, embracing the challenging and rewarding experiences of moving to a new country, learning the language and culture, and dedicating himself to an industry.  He is proud of the unwavering support he has received from family and friends to make his passion to become a chef a reality.