The Market – The Edgewater
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The Market

Regular Hours

Monday – Sunday

6:00 am – 6:00 pm

The Market at The Edgewater is a comfortable corner spot to order a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, shop for gifts such as clothing, home décor, gift cards, sundries and more.


The Market features coffee and espresso drinks from Barriques, grab and go snacks and lighter fare from local brands, cold bottled beer and wine.



Market Croque madame  $14
Madison rosemary sourdough, bechamel spread, Swiss cheese, fried egg, oven-roasted uncured ham coated with rosemary

Bacon, egg and cheese $12
Sliced brioche, scramble egg, smoked apple wood bacon, cheddar cheese


Quatro Formagi     $13
Sourdough bread, yellow/ white cheddar, provolone, shredded parmesan

Capresse $14
Ciabatta bun, Basil pesto spread, fresh buffalo mozzarella, beef steak tomato, arugula, balsamic reduction.

Chicken Salad $14  (served cold)
Brioche bread, fuji apples, celery, toasted walnuts, arugula, beefsteak tomato