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Augie's Tavern

CAP TIMES | Restaurant Review | Augie’s

Restaurant review: With a new name and focus, Augie’s Tavern at the Edgewater looks forward

“Since the remodel of the Edgewater hotel a few years ago — a controversial,

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lengthy, $100 million renovation that everyone had an opinion about — location was mainly what it had going for it.

The summer view of Lake Mendota, with the Hoofers’ sails and kayakers gliding past, is a stunner. It makes a person happy to live here, and it’s a heckuva showpiece for the out-of-towners.

Now, at last, a new chef at the Edgewater means there may be a reason for locals to linger. Chef Joe Heppe, a Milwaukee native who honed his skills at Untitled and Oak & Char in Chicago, has come back to the state and refocused the menus on “modern Midwestern” cuisine.”

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Published on Sep 07 2016

Last Updated on Nov 23 2021