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Boathouse Bloody Mary

On Wisconsin On The Water | Tailgating On The Plaza

In Wisconsin, a Bloody Mary isn’t a Bloody Mary without meat and cheese.

At The Edgewater, we make your game day Bloody Mary as spicy as you’d like, load on the Wisconsin garnish, and serve it up with greasy fried cheese curds that melt in your mouth.

Because we understand that this is exactly what Badger tailgating should always be like: boozy, greasy and delicious.

Now that it’s November, join us in the Nolan Gallery and The Boathouse for a Badger Bloody and an epic game day experience.

When you’re all cheesed out, we’ll charter you to join fellow Badger fans in rooting on the nation’s best college football team. $10 round trip, Coors Light on the bus and, most importantly, no parking hassles by the stadium.

Go Badgers.