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View of The Edgewater Hotel in the 1950s - People Hanging out on the pier

Why We Serve Rye Bread With Our Friday Night Fish Fry


Join us every weekend as we honor a tradition as old as Wisconsin itself. Indulge your taste buds with some crispy cod served with old bay fries, coleslaw, and rye bread.

Yes: rye bread. Decades ago, fish fry served at restaurants across the state came with rye bread to hold fish bones. Now that bones aren’t common, most restaurants and taverns forgo this timely tradition.

We don’t.

So come to the Icehouse to honor a tradition as old as Wisconsin itself while grooving to to live music and soaking up a vibrant sunset on Lake Mendota.

May your workweek troubles be gone!

Special offer: Bring your local ID to the Icehouse on Tuesday (8/11)-Thursday (8/13), from 5-8 p.m. to receive 50% off any Icehouse Float.