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Enhance Your Massage Experience With Aromatherapy And Essential Oils


In our Signature Massage, we use essential oils that penetrate deep into your skin and muscles for ultimate relaxation and healing.

Choose between lavender, our “joy” blend and our “harmony” blend during your consultation with one of our seasoned massage therapists.

  • Lavender provides soothing effects for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and offers headache relief. It’s floral, fresh, sweet, and great with skin conditions.
  • Our “Joy” blend is an uplifting scent that promotes positivity and helps combat seasonal affective disorder.
  • “Harmony” is a blend infused with scents that consist of balancing energies that calm the mind.

We also use Eucalyptus Globus oil, widely known for its sinus and respiratory-relieving benefits. It’s wonderful for soothing arthritic pain and circulation. And it provides relief from congestion, fever, bronchitis and coughing relief.

Call 608.535.8240 to experience an aromatherapy service.

Join us for free wellness classes every Saturday at 9 a.m. and Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

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