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Outdoor Movies

The Edgewater’s Summer Events

Brian E. Clark of the Journal Sentinel wrote about the various summer events happening at The Edgewater. Read more here .

Join The Edgewater for a night at the movies

The Wisconsin State Journal highlights the outdoor movie options throughout the Madison area. Read all about The Edgewater’s outdoor movie series here .

Sunset Over Lake Mendota Movies on the Water featuring Facts and A Flick

“Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid.”  Outdoor movie nights are back for a second summer, and we’re kicking things off on Tuesday, June 13 with a…

The Plaza at The Edgewater in Madison Wisconsin The Edgewater’s Upcoming Events

Sneak peek at The Edgewater’s Upcoming Events Graduation, movies and boat rides are just some of the events The Edgewater has planned for the Spring/Summer.…

Movie Night on The Edgewater Grand Plaza Wisconsin State Journal Article on Summer Events at The Edgewater!

Photos Courtesy of Amber Arnold of Wisconsin State Journal If You Build It, They Will Come- to The Edgewater! Check out this  article in the…