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Sunny day on a boat

“Men Were Not Meant To Be in Plastic Boats”


“Men were not meant to be in plastic boats.” -Captain Patrick

It’s true: wooden boats have a “special look, feel and smell that attracts people to them,” says our Captain. And the Cherokee, at 91 years old, is no exception.

In her earlier years, the Cherokee was a commuter craft, transporting “well-to-do’s” from Connecticut to the Financial District in Manhattan. Now, decades later, it’s been refurbished to take Madisonians and out-of-towners alike on private 90-minute charters and public cruises.

The Cherokee will also act as running a water taxi providing transportation to and from The Edgewater Pier and the UW Alumni Pier (adjacent to the Memorial Union Terrace).

“I’ve been boating since I was 8 years old,” says Captain Patrick. “And I’m happy the Cherokee was chosen for The Edgewater to provide a unique experience on Lake Mendota.”

Transportation from The Edgewater Pier to the UW Alumni Pier (adjacent to the Memorial Union Terrace) is $5 per guest. Public Happy Hour Cruises start at $45 per guest. Private Voyages vary. Credit cards accepted.

Here’s more information about The Edgewater’s Private Voyages on the Cherokee.