Game Day – The Edgewater
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Game Day Shuttle Information

Take advantage of easy parking and shuttle service!

The round-trip shuttle begins running two hours before kickoff and departs approximately every 30 minutes. Return shuttles continue for two hours after the game concludes.

Hotel Guests receive two complimentary shuttle passes at check in.

Members of the general public or hotel guests needing extra passes may purchase in the Market on the 7th floor of the Wisconsin Building, off Langdon Street for $12 per person. Each pass is valid for a round trip shuttle ride from the resort to the stadium.

Shuttle FAQs

I am checking into the hotel on Friday.  Can I purchase my shuttle tickets when I check-in?
Hotel guests receive two complimentary shuttle passes. If you need additional passes,  you can pay for shuttle tickets separately or our associates would be happy to charge the shuttle tickets to your room.  You will be given wrist bands to utilize as tickets.  The wristbands are required to board the pre-game and post-game shuttles on Saturday.

Can you bring food and/or alcoholic beverages on the shuttle?
Yes, food is allowed on the shuttle.  Alcoholic beverages are also allowed on the shuttle but please refrain from bringing glass bottles. There is a trash receptacle on the shuttle and all beverages must be disposed of when exiting the shuttle.

What time do the shuttles start/stop running?
The shuttle begins 2 hours prior to game time. They will run every half hour. The post-game shuttle will run for two hours following the game.

How do I make reservations?
Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis.  Shuttle wristbands can be purchased in person at The Market on the 7th floor of the Wisconsin Building.

Where does the shuttle pick up at The Edgewater?
The shuttle will pick up outside the 7th-floor Market entrance.  You will need your wristband to board the shuttle.

Where does the shuttle drop off/pick up at Camp Randall?
The shuttle will drop off pre-game and pick up post-game on Dayton Street in front of Union South.

I have a large group of friends coming and we will all be riding the shuttle. How many seats are there on the bus?
There are 56 seats on the shuttle. Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you have a large group that would like to sit together, we recommend taking an earlier shuttle.

We want to get dropped off at Memorial Union, not the stadium. Does your shuttle make any stops on the way to the game?
No, our shuttle is strictly for transportation to the game. If you are a hotel guest, we can arrange alternate transportation.

We are not staying at the hotel. Can we still ride the shuttle?
Yes, of course! The shuttle is open to the public.  Please go to The Market to purchase shuttle passes.

I am a hotel guest and would like to take the Hotel Shuttle (Escalade) to Camp Randall.  Is this possible?
The Game Day Shuttle is the only hotel transportation to Camp Randall on Game Day.

We’re going to stay by Camp Randall after the game. Is it possible to buy a one-way ride?
All tickets are $12 but you are certainly not required to take the return shuttle.

I am bringing my 3 kids with me, what is the charge for those under 12?
There is no cost for children 12 and under.

Can your shuttle accommodate a wheelchair?
Yes, the bus is wheelchair accessible.

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