Yoga on The Edgewater Pier – The Edgewater Hotel
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Yoga on The Edgewater Pier

Begins on May 25, 8:00 am

Ends on August 25, 9:00 am

Join us for an outdoor Yoga class every Saturday in partnership with Capital Fitness overlooking peaceful Lake Mendota. Class includes mat, movement instructor and bottle of water. Participants should check in for class at The Edgewater Spa front desk.

The class is a physical conditioning program that creates balance, improves posture, decompresses joints and creates elongated, toned muscles. The exercises are particularly focused on core strength, a flexible spine and full, powerful breathing. This class will incorporate the Classical Mat exercises, as well as some contemporary influences and adaptations. Class will also explore functional anatomy and imagery-based alignment. Students will learn to feel the difference between efficient and inefficient movement patterns in their own bodies throughout each practice.

Vinyasa classes describe a dynamic sequence of traditional yoga postures, asana, linked with breath and intelligent sequencing. You will often find progression toward a “peak pose,” and a series of postures intended to balance body and mind.