Book Your 2015 Holiday Party At The Edgewater, And Receive A Free 90-Minute Signature Massage – The Edgewater Hotel
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Book Your 2015 Holiday Party At The Edgewater, And Receive A Free 90-Minute Signature Massage


Experience wellness on the water with us.

Our Signature Massage was designed by our expert massage therapists. It’s an unrivaled 90-minute service using several techniques from eastern and western massage therapies. This original massage includes Aromatherapy, Range of Motion, Acupressure, and Deep Tissue, with added sensory stimulation from skin brushing and heated foot therapy.

Arrive at the spa before your scheduled appointment and slip into a plush white robe and matching slippers. Visit our relaxation pool, or wallow in our steam room, to decompress and relax.

The Signature Massage begins with a private consultation by an expert therapist to discuss specific areas of knead.

Select a blend of essential oils — choose between lavender (soothing effects for insomnia and anxiety and offers headache relief), “joy” (an uplifting scent that promotes positivity and assists with seasonal affective disorder) and “harmony” (has balancing energies that calm the mind).

The Signature service begins with a skin-brushing Ayurvedic technique used to stimulate the lymphatic system and calm the nerves.

Followed by the incorporation of aromatherapy with massage techniques that enhance Range of Motion and focus on Acupressure and Deep Tissue Therapy.

Relaxation continues after service as guests have access to our relaxation pool, lounge chairs, steam room and full-service locker rooms.

The Edgewater Spa invites you to experience Wellness on the Water. Learn more about our service offerings here.

Special Offer: Book your private holiday party in December at The Edgewater, and the party planner will receive either 1) Dinner for two at one of The Edgewater restaurants (value up to $200), or 2) A 90-minute spa treatment of his or her choice (value up to $200).