Oyster Happy Hour at Augie’s Tavern – The Edgewater
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Oyster Happy Hour at Augie’s Tavern

Join us at Augie’s Tavern Sunday through Thursday from 4-6 PM for Oyster Happy Hour!

The Happy Hour menu features $1 Chef’s Choice Oysters, $7 Augie’s BurgerHook’s Aged Cheddar, thick-sliced house cured and smoked bacon, Bourbon bread and butter pickles and tomato aioli on a toasted brioche bun; $5 “MSG” Wings featuring a Maple-Sherry Gochujang glaze and smoked cilantro yogurt dipping sauce; $5 specialty drinks reflecting the creativity of the day’s bartender…think Apple Old Fashioned with apple liqueur and apple cardamom bitters and apple cider!; select $5 wines; and half-price draft beer offering over 15 different choices of domestic, imports and regional craft beers on tap including Epic Big Bad Baptist.
Oyster variety will vary based on chef selection that week but could include:

East Coast

Avery, MA:  These oysters are bottom cultured in Cape Cod Bay.  Avery’s are rich and flavorful with a seaweed finish, similar to a Wellfleet.

38 North, MA: Grown in floating cages off the coast of Maryland, these 3 ½ inch oysters have just the right balance of salinity from Chesapeake Bay.  The meats are firm and full. 38° North is a series of farms along the banks of Maryland’s Western shore where the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River meet.

Holy Grail, MA: Holy Grail oysters have a deep cup with full bodied meats and are 2½ inch on average. They are grown in the Chesapeake Bay making them briny and sweet with a complex finish.

West Coast

Cranberry Creek, WA: Cranberry Creek oysters are from one of the South Puget Sound oyster appellations in Washington State.  They are a rack and bag cultured oyster farmed in Pickering Passage.  They have a very bold brininess which dominates the flavor for a while. Crispness then peeks through followed by a slight honeydew flavor and a long, lingering finish.

Hama, WA: These beautiful oysters are beach grown in Hood Canal, Washington on the Hama Hama River delta. The Hama Hama River is the shortest major river on the hood canal and pours out from the pristine Olympic National Forest.  The flavor profile is a mixture of citrus and salt with a hint of lettuce and cucumber finish.

Salt Nugget, WA: Beach grown in bags on the western shores of Hood Canal, Washington, this oyster is naturally tumbled by the extreme weather.  It is very briny with a cucumber and salt finish.

*Descriptions informed by Fortune Fish & Gourmet


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